95 percent of people who wear masks don’t need a lock: WHO

World Health Organization (WHO) regional director for Europe, Hans Clugh, said Thursday that if 95 percent of people are wearing safe masks, there will be no need to block the coronavirus in any part of the country. Lockdown is the last resort against the corona virus.

Speaking at the press conference, Clugh said: “Lockdown can be avoided if we all do our part, ie wear safe masks. I fully agree that lockdown is the last resort to fight the coronavirus. Wearing a mask However, it does not serve as a complete defense against the corona virus. At the same time, all other measures must be taken, from social distancing to disinfecting the hands. Yes, but a mask is necessary. “

He said closing schools couldn’t be seen as an effective step in preventing corona infection. The director stated, “Children and adolescents are not considered to be major carriers of corona infection. Closing schools cannot be seen as an effective measure to prevent infection with covid-19. My request to all countries considering closing schools should consider the negative effects. Look at the harm children will do. School closings can also have serious implications for children’s mental health and health. “