A major defense treaty was signed between India and the United States

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Between the ongoing military conflict with China in east Ladakh, India and the United States have signed an important defense agreement, Basic Exchange and Cooperation (BEKA), to further enhance defense sector cooperation, under which the United States is compiling sensitive satellite data with India Will share

The agreement was signed on Tuesday at the third level of ministers as well as in a two-on-one dialogue between the defense and foreign ministers of the two countries.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Secretary of Defense Mark Asper as well as Secretary of Defense Rajnath Singh and Secretary of State Dr. S. Jaishankar were present when the agreement was signed.
Mr Pompeo said, “America and India are taking steps to strengthen mutual cooperation not only with the Chinese Communist Party, but also to deal with all kinds of threats.” Last year we expanded cooperation on cyber issues and our navies conducted joint exercises in the Indian Ocean. We agree that the broad global strategic partnership between the United States and India is important for both countries and the Indo-Pacific region, as well as global security and prosperity. ”