Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group enters into an MOI agreement with European Space Agency to support the renewable energy sector

Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group (AREG) has committed to working with European Space Agency (ESA) in a bid to back the renewable energy sector. The Scottish electricity utility company signed the Memorandum of Intent (MOI) to work with ESA towards achieving fresh ideas and actions to advance this industry.

The two institutions will partner in the analysis, advancement, and accomplishment of technology using a space-based approach. They also intend to use space-assisted services to promote the renewable energy sector. They will collaborate to determine if energy production is sustainable and identify any negative impacts on the environment. According to Jean Morrison, AREG’s head, this relationship will benefit both organizations, with a common goal of zeroing carbon emissions and producing green energy. “This agreement with ESA will look at the innovative technologies being developed for space activities and how we can use these learning and innovations to accelerate the development of renewable projects,” he said.

“We expect that collaborating with organizations such as ESA will bring fresh ideas and initiatives for our members as we continue to champion the energy supply chain to enable the transition to low carbon to achieve net-zero emissions,” Morrison added. On their part, ESA thinks it is the best fit for space-aided implementation of innovative technologies. “We are very pleased of this co-operation with AREG that will allow us to develop initiatives in support of green transition further and create new opportunities for sustainable services,” stated ESA’s Rita Rinaldo. She acts as ESA Space Solutions thematic initiative section chair.

“ESA is strongly positioned to support the implementation of innovative services relying on space assets to support the renewable sector in Europe and beyond,” added Rinaldo. ESA Space Solutions is a department that seeks to achieve the exploitation of space assets for the improvement of renewable energy production. It also plans to ascertain that the technical part of this development is achievable. These developments will reinforce the renewable sector across the European nations and beyond. An example of one of these innovations involves bringing together different systems to create operational services for a far-reaching user base.

ESA and AREG will also work towards the creation of new companies and augmenting the existing ones to maximize their potential. AREG is a non-profit partnership between the private and public sectors in Scotland. It was founded in 2003. The organization helps companies and agencies to scale up their renewable energy abilities. It also provides new opportunities for growth through technology, skills, and infrastructure. It is the number one supporter of renewable energy campaigns in Scotland. It attracts investors to such projects through events and membership invitations.