After the presidential election in America, Germany is hoping for better relations and a trump battle between Trump and Biden

Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has hoped that a better relationship between the two countries can begin in the USA after the upcoming presidential elections on November 3rd.

In the US, there is a close battle between the Republican candidate and current President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Maas said in an interview with the newspaper Tegespigel: “After the election results have been announced, we will go to the USA with our proposals and propose a new Atlantic Transit Treaty, because if we did not solve the burning problems of this time of the world.” The future will be pretty uncertain. “

Although he did not comment on which candidate he endorsed for winning, he said the current Trump administration’s foreign policy is unacceptable and Mr Biden supports many multilateral agreements.

Significantly, there was a lot of talk in relations between Germany and America during the Trump administration, and there was much disagreement between the two countries over the role of mutual trade, the German military budget, US troops stationed in Germany, and international organizations, the are important for world politics. is.