Battery health reports targeting the second-hand electric vehicles

The value of electric vehicles reduces alarmingly compared to traditional internal-combustion cars, a factor that the industry is anxious may not favor it. Various reasons can be pointed to this frustrating trend. Low supply for these cars, few people interested in electric vehicles, and anxiety over the period that the batteries will last are some of the reasons exacerbating second-hand electric cars’ value. The low supply of electric vehicles means that the users will utilize them for a long time before they disburse them in their deteriorated state. However, those who have been skeptical over the purchase of these models can consider dealing with Recurrent. Recurrent provides details of electric vehicle battery life reports for the used cars and projects the probable period they might still be viable for consumption.

Recurrent behaves like a Carfax report company giving details about the batteries’ lifespan and the conditions in which the used cars might be in after some time. Last year, the chief executive of Recurrent, Scott Case, explained to Car and Driver that battery health is the new determinant that people intending to purchase electric cars must observe. The company has procured $3.5 million, which it will be utilizing for the verification technology to prove that the data it is providing is authentic and is in no way far from the actual results.

Venture capital firms like the American Automobile Association (AAA) participated in the fundraising that generated this amount. Additionally, AAA collaborates with Recurrent in a pilot project that observes the battery health for cars that subscribers have taken and contrasts it with those of batteries in other similar cars. The people who will be involved in the pilot program will receive warnings when Recurrent discovers that they have intentionally mishandled the cars. This move is to ensure they do not provide adulterated results. Moreover, the company will be giving the participants tips to maintain the batteries in shape so that they retain most of their initial price. Case explained that divulging wrong details can mislead the public, creating traffic of used electric cars in the market.

Recurrent is thankful to Smartcar, which provides them with encryption to secure their data about the charging status of batteries, their levels, and projected mileage ranges. Recurrent accepts participants with advanced electric vehicles provided they have documents warranting this process from their car developers. The company has so far taken more than 2600 drivers with about 18 diverse models to participate in the data collection program.