Biden new president: Half a million Indians can get American citizenship

Joe Biden recorded a historic victory in the US presidential election. You defeated Donald Trump. He then said that he had promised not to be the president who broke or divided, but the unifying president. It is believed that Joe Biden will be able to take appropriate steps to address the issues facing immigrants in the United States. This includes over 500,000 immigrants from India. Joe Biden’s new administration will also work on a fixed minimum number of 95,000 refugees entering the US each year.

Joe Biden’s campaign document states that Biden will work immediately with the U.S. Parliament (Congress) to pass immigration reform laws that modernize our system, including about 1.1 million non-immigrants. Families are prioritized by providing a roadmap for citizenship of documentary immigrants.

The Biden government is believed to support a family-based immigration system and preserve family integration as a core principle of the US immigration system. This also includes reducing the backlog on family visas. With this, the new administration of Biden will also work with Congress on a fixed minimum number of 95,000 refugees who come to the US each year. It is also said that Biden will be working on a plan to increase this number to 1.25 lakh.

The document released by the Biden campaign states that highly qualified temporary visas should not be used to discourage the appointment of professionals who are already in the US to various positions. At the same time, Joe Biden, the elected President of the United States, can also raise the limit on other high-quality visas, including H-1B. In addition, it can abolish the quota for employment-related visas for different countries.