Biden said after winning the US presidential election – society won’t break, will add

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After winning the US presidential election, Joe Biden pledged to unite the country. In his first speech after the victory, he said that it is time to forget the bitterness, it is time for America to recover.

Biden attracted a record number of Americans to cast his vote by defeating his rival President Donald Trump in the presidential election.

In his victory speech on Saturday night, Biden said: “I promise to be a president who does not want to divide, but to unite. If you don’t see red and blue states, you only see the United States.” “”

“It’s time to heal in America.” His first remarks after the presidential election were: “I am shocked at the trust you have shown in me.”

The 77-year-old Democratic leader said to the audience to applause, “I took this office to restore America’s soul, rebuild the backbone of this nation, rebuild the middle class, and re-honor America globally and globally.” The house asked us to unite here. “

Biden said it was time to forget the bitterness, lower the temperature raised by the elections, meet again and listen to each other. He said this is the time to heal and caress America.