Big revelation about Kashmir: Syrian terrorists send turkey, everyone gets 1.5 lakh rupees

When India ended Kashmir’s special status, Turkey openly supported Pakistan. But now Turkey is planning a new conspiracy over Kashmir. It is reported that Turkey is preparing to send its fighters from eastern Syria to Kashmir. For this, these fighters will receive $ 2,000. In his report, the Greek journalist AndrĂ©s Mountjorilias exposed this Turkish conspiracy.

According to the report, Turkish President Rechep Tayyip Erdawan wants to face Saudi’s dominance in the Islamic world and take on a leadership role. Sending mercenaries to Kashmir is also part of their strategy.

Turkey has long been strengthening its military alliance against Greece, Egypt and Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean. Turkey is also seeking a permanent Pakistani presence in its Mediterranean operations. As part of this, Pakistan wants to ensure the presence of aircraft and military from the Ministry of Defense.

According to reports, following the Karabakh conflict, Turkey has started preparations to send Syrian fighters to Kashmir to fight India. The report, citing information from local sources, said that Abu Esma, the gang’s leader, Suleiman Shah, who has joined the Syrian National Army, has said that Turkey wants Kashmir to be strengthened.

Abu Esma said that Turkish officials would also interact with the rest of the gang commanders and compile a list of fighters who want to go to Kashmir. Abu Esma told his gang members that Kashmir is also a hilly area like Karabakh. There is a conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia over the occupation of the Nagorno-Karabakh region. Several reports revealed that Turkey had sent its Syrian fighters to help Azerbaijan.