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BMW Jibe shows confidence in beating Tesla in Electric vehicles

When the world started the mission to create a green environment, many car manufacturing companies were reluctant to get rid of fuel-engine cars. However, currently, we are past that stage. As of now, different car makers are working on investing in the Electric vehicles industry. One of the most dominant carmakers is Tesla which was quick to venture into electric vehicles years ago. But in a recent announcement from BMW‘s chief executive officers, it is clear that other car owners in the motor industry are moving ahead big time with Electric vehicles.

BMW delivers almost 50,000 cars last year, a 36% increase from the making in 2019. This growth is enormous since the planet was dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic the previous year. The development had a significant impact on Tesla’s shares since it sent them soaring. Oliver Zipse, the Chief of BMW, spoke about how well-established carmakers counter more electric vehicles.

Mr. Zipse explained that Tesla would not have an easy time maintaining its current speed since many automakers move ahead and venturing into the EVs. From a business ‘view, it is rare for any car boss to make public digs on their competitors. With that, many have concluded that BMW has found a new-found self-confidence among other manufacturers. Besides, the company has invested billions in electrifying business.

Currently, BMW is working on the addition of battery-powered versions of the company’s X1 SUV. Not to mention the company is working on the five series and the seven series. In a report last month from Tesla, the company hopes to increase electric vehicle deliveries by 50% this year. BMW peer, Volkswagen statics show that the company is not far from eclipsing Tesla’s sales this year. This carmaker is planning to at least double the share of the company’s sales of electric cars. The ambitious target range suggests that the German carmaker could come close to record Tesla’s target sales of at least 750,000 vehicles.

Last year, Volkswagen surpassed Tesla in the battery electric vehicle deliveries in Europe. Elon Musk is currently working on a plant’s construction in Berlin to make the Model Y crossovers in the middle of the year. This project is the company’s plan to deal with other upcoming traditional carmakers moving to the electric vehicles’ business.

It is no secret that Tesla is a giant and the mother of electric vehicle creation. For years, the company has dominated the business since most car makers were yet to move to electrify their vehicles. However, period has passed, and things have changed with most big car makers getting in the business. In that case, the sales are bound to be shared among the carmakers.