China will improve relations with America under Biden’s administration: the Chinese Foreign Ministry

China said Tuesday it would strengthen dialogue and promote cooperation with the US during the next President Joe Biden’s term in office. Electoral College confirmed that Biden will be the next U.S. president on Monday, and Biden received 306 votes against Donald Trump’s 232 votes.

“We were informed of the announcement of the results of the US presidential election,” said Wang Wenbin, spokesman for the Chinese State Department at a meeting. On November 25th, Chinese President Xi Jinping sent a message to Biden congratulating him on his election as US president. We believe that China and the United States should focus on issues of dialogue and strengthening their relations, as well as promoting non-confrontational, mutual respect and mutually beneficial cooperation, bridging distances and enabling strong and stable development. Requires attention. ”

Significantly, many experts and officials around the world are predicting that Trump’s tenure as a foreign policy approach could end Biden’s tenure soon. For China in particular, this will be very important as US-China relations deteriorated significantly during Trump’s tenure.
The US accused China of not being transparent about unfair economic practices, human rights violations in some areas of China, encroachment on Hong Kong’s special status and the coronavirus epidemic.