Corona crisis – The American company Disney World will lay off 11,000 employees

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Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the recession depends on the global economy. Millions of people have lost their jobs. Meanwhile, the American company Walt Disney World announced on Saturday that it would lay off another 11,000 employees. Thereafter, the total number of employees who have lost their jobs as a result of the epidemic at the company’s Florida-based resort will exceed 18,000.

Last month, the Disney World Company decided to lay off another 28,000 employees due to the Corona crisis. The decision to lay off 11,350 employees is part of that plan.

11,350 Disney World employees have set up an organization. It mostly has part-time workers. The company has informed the organization in writing that it will lay off these employees by the end of this year. The company had previously announced that 6,400 union workers in Florida would also be laid off.

The US budget deficit in the first eleven months of the current fiscal year reached the most extreme level at $ 3,000 billion. Previously, the 2009 budget deficit was recorded over a period of 11 months. The current budget deficit is more than double the previous record. This information was recently made available by the US Treasury Department. The U.S. government has had to spend a lot of money to lessen the impact of the corona epidemic, which is affecting the budget deficit.