Cyber ​​attack on “corona vaccine”, claims Pfizer big

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While coronavirus cases are steadily increasing. At the same time, the corona vaccine efforts are rapid. In the meantime, however, there has been big news related to Pfizer’s vaccine. An attempt was made to steal research related to Pfizer’s vaccine. Pfizer and BioNotech have announced that a cyber attack has taken place at the UK European Medicines Agency where their vaccine was sent for approval.

Pfizer claimed the hackers tried to steal some vital information related to the vaccine. However, the company did not provide any further information. Explain that Interpol has already expressed this concern.

Attempts were made to access the documents of these two companies when the campaign to dispense the covid-19 vaccine was launched in many countries around the world. It is worth noting that a campaign was also recently launched in the UK and Russia and the vaccine from these two companies was approved.

Pfizer and BioNotech said attempts were made to access documents related to their vaccine candidate, but no further details about the incident were reported. He said that the accessors failed to access the documents.

Pfizer said in a statement that we are not aware of any access to personal information. At the same time, both companies state that the European Medical Agency has assured us that the CyberAttack review will not take long.