Donald Trump was frustrated with the election defeat and removed Secretary of Defense Esper. He passed command to Christopher C. Miller

Current US President Donald Trump has ousted Secretary of Defense Mark Asper, who visited India almost two weeks ago, and replaced him as Acting Head of Defense, Christopher C. Mills, Head of the National Center for Counter-Defense.

Espar was the U.S. President’s second Secretary of Defense before James Matisse resigned over political differences with the President over troops in Syria.

Donald Trump shared this information, tweeted, “I’m pleased to announce that Christopher C. Miller, the highly respected director of the National Counter-Terrorism Center, has been unanimously appointed acting Secretary of Defense by the Senate, effective immediately.” “” He said, “Christopher will do a great job and Espar has now been removed. I thank him for his services as Secretary of Defense.”

It is noteworthy that Espar only had two months to continue as Secretary of Defense because Trump lost the presidential election. Esper’s removal from the position of Secretary of Defense has further weakened the Trump administration.

Significantly, Democratic Party leader Joe Biden won the November 3rd US presidential election and Republican candidate and incumbent President Donald Trump lost.

Although the official results of the 2020 U.S. presidential election have not yet been announced, leaders and politicians around the world have already congratulated Biden on his victory. Speaking to the nation with partner Kamala Harris on Saturday, Biden claimed his victory in the presidential race.

All of the major American media outlets have already declared Biden to be the winner, despite Trump arguing that the race is not over and the election was a hoax. He will soon move the court to demand his victory.