Election-related advertising continues in America: Facebook

The social media platform Facebook has announced that it will temporarily ban the voting ban in the USA for at least another month. The company released this information in a statement on Wednesday.

According to the statement, a temporary ban on advertising related to political and social issues will continue to protect the US presidential election from disruption. The social media giant said advertisers will have to wait at least another month, although they hope to see some relief soon.

In addition to Facebook, Google has also announced a temporary ban on advertising related to elections that should last a few weeks.

The official results of the US presidential election have not yet been announced, so it is announced that the duration of these sanctions will be extended in order to avoid any concern.

Although the results of the US presidential election were not officially announced, Democratic candidate Joe Biden won, according to all major media outlets. Mr Biden surpassed the magic number of 270 votes to become America’s next president. On the other hand, US President Donald Trump has also called for his election victory and declared that this will now be decided by the court.