Experts confirm that car manufacturer Nio is at an advantage in taking over the Chinese electric vehicle market

An expert reported that Nio is in an advantageous position to take over vast portions of the Chinese electric vehicle market in the quest to compete with Tesla in the expanding Chinese market. The local company unveiled its first sedan called et7, and it is hopeful of competing with Tesla. The vehicle has self-driving technology with a battery pack of 70 kilowatts per hour and sells for $69000 before subsidization. The chief executive and founder of Automobility Limited, Russo Bill, stated that this vehicle is the greatest asset for Nio in the sedan models. He outlined that the company has a high reputation in the SUV category and operates at high stakes in the China market.

Russo articulated that the company is shifting to the sedan category where they will be manufacturing premium cars like this et7 that can rival Tesla’s Model S. He pointed out that the price stipulated for this model is operating at the rival level of Model S. Russo thinks that the company is at a competitive position in the Chinese market and can manufacture numerous electric vehicle brands. Tesla quenched down its price for Model S to 97% of the initial cost. China boasts of a mega automotive market, and the country has supported electric vehicle technology every step. Some support strategies include subsidies and incentives, relenting on the restrictions, and developing electric vehicle charging facilities in public places.

Statistics from the government indicate that Nio, Xpeng, and Li Auto have sold more electric vehicle units that they sold in the previous fiscal period. Nevertheless, the surged sales did not surpass Tesla’s, considering that the mega-company deployed numerous pieces into the market at a reduced rate to continue commanding the market share. Russo noted that every electric vehicle company aligns itself with competing against Tesla, which is the leading electric car manufacturer. The company’s market valuation is at $768.93 billion, while Nio operates at approximately a seventh of this value. Nio is expressly developing itself to reach the Tesla level in China and also penetrate the Chinese market for profitability. Russo projected that the company would expand and bring the required competition in the Chinese market.

Russo emphasized that Nio is advantageous in attracting the market share and competing considerably against Tesla, especially after developing an automatic electric vehicle model. Nevertheless, the company is still establishing itself to create the components for its electric vehicle models. On the other hand, Tesla has conducted aggressive marketing of its models in the country to maintain its market share leadership. The company is planning to expand its manufacturing facility in the country to generate more than the record 250000 electric vehicles.