Experts warn of the fear of counterfeit corona vaccines on the market

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The epidemic infection with the corona virus continues worldwide. At the same time, scientists have intensified their efforts to find a vaccine. But now the fear of selling Corona’s counterfeit vaccine has also increased. Officials from the UK’s National Crime Agency have warned that counterfeit vaccines against the coronavirus could be sold in the market. As soon as the sale of a vaccine against Corona is announced, criminals can bring a counterfeit vaccine onto the market.

The UK authorities have also taken action to stop sales of the Fake Corona vaccine, according to the report. Officials say that in the early days of the epidemic, criminals also tried to sell counterfeit PPE, etc.

UK National Crime Agency’s director general of the Economic Crime Center, Graeme Bigger, said there was a high risk of vaccine-related fraud. He said that as soon as the vaccine was ready, gangs offering fake vaccines to people would get active. We are already preparing to stop this.

The leading British official said: “The gang of criminals is conducting a number of criminal incidents related to the corona virus. Attempts have also been made to sell the fake corona test. Previous US and UK officials have reported vaccine manufacturing has done many Institutions have been attacked by hackers. These attacks were carried out by hackers with the intention of stealing information related to the vaccine. “

Vaccines from several companies including Pfizer, Oxford and Novavax are in the final stages of the trial. The vaccine is expected to be on the market in a few months. The Pfizer company recently claimed that the vaccine had been found effective in 90 percent of people.