Fiance broke relationship, then this man took a unique step for marriage

You have often seen that many people get married shortly before marriage because of an argument with friends. Because of this, many people get depressed. Or even take unwanted steps in anger, but a unique case has emerged in Brazil after which it remains a topic of discussion among people.

The case is from Brazil, where the man had an argument with his girlfriend shortly before getting married. Then he married.

Please tell them that they both got engaged earlier, but the girlfriend broke up with him after the argument. Even after the girlfriend left, the man did not get into a depression and decided to marry himself. Let me tell you that close and relatives of the person participated in this marriage.

Diogo Rabello and Vittor Bueno got engaged last November. After that, they should get married in September 2020. Even the wedding preparations had been completed much earlier. Due to a longstanding argument, they broke up in July. However, 33-year-old Diogo Rabello got married to himself at a resort in Bahia and his close relatives attended this interesting wedding. Now this video from Diogo Rabello, “I do” social media, is going very viral.