France’s biggest action in Mali: 50 al-Qaeda terrorists killed in air strikes

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The French cracked down on the terrorist organization al-Qaida in Mali on Tuesday and carried out air strikes on their bases, in which more than 50 militants were killed.

French Defense Minister Florence Perley said the French Barkhane special forces killed 50 militants in an operation. Mr Parley tweeted, “On October 30th, Barkhane security forces launched an operation in which more than 50 militants clustered and their equipment and weapons were confiscated during the attack.”

He said it was a severe blow to the terrorist organization. Significantly, France launched Operation Barkhane in early 2014 to fight terrorists in the Sahel. The campaign was restarted in 2017 with the establishment of G5 Sahel. The G5 consists of the 5,000-strong group Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania and Niger, which is supported by the African Union.

Indeed, France remains in the headlines over the controversy over the Prophet cartoon. After the teacher was strangled, a similar murder case has now been uncovered. In a church in France, an attacker cut a woman’s throat, stabbed two other people and brutally killed them. The incident occurred in the city of Nice, France. Many Islamic countries have come to protest against France following the controversy over the caricature of the Prophet. These countries claim that France is against Islam.