Globe Telecom Grants Gilat A Multi-million US dollar Managed Service Expansion Contract

On January 11th, Gilat Satellite Networks Limited announced that Globe Telecom, the Filipino giant telecommunications company, had awarded them a multi-million US dollar contract. This contract involves the expansion of cellular backhaul over satellite for better and reliable connectivity. Gilat is a satellite networking company headquartered in Petah Tikva, Israel. It is one of the biggest private companies that build and sell very small aperture terminal (VSAT) satellites, ground-based stations, and dish antenna.

Connectivity demands have increased in the Philippines. The government has been installing reliable internet solutions to schools and hospitals across the country. Globe Telecom picked Gilat as the implementing partner in the government’s goal of meeting this demand. Gilat services accord Globe the flexibility to quickly decamp VSATs between sites.

In a statement, Gilat’s regional vice president, Abhay Kumar, stated that this was an honor on their part as a company to gain Globe Telecom’s trust as an expert in this field. “We are honored to be of value to Globe and to continue to gain their trust. We strive to enable Globe to leverage Gilat’s expertise in delivering connectivity to the most challenging locations and stand committed to delivering the levels of service Globe requires, as we continue to evolve our solution and services to lead the industry with cellular backhaul over satellite,” he said. In July 2019, Globe awarded Gilat a 3-year contract to provide Wi-Fi service over satellite to hospitals and public schools. This was a country-wide project aimed at augmenting the existing cellular backhaul. The latest contract has shown that Gilat is a trustworthy partner to Globe.

“We are very thankful to Globe for expanding their partnership with Gilat to address their strategic requirement of delivering significant cellular backhaul coverage in the Philippines,” Kumar added. Before the 2019 3-year contract, Globe had awarded yet another contract to Gilat. The 5-year contract required Gilat to provide a cellular backhaul over satellite in the 2G, 3G, and 4G connectivity. This project was aimed at improving internet and cellular connectivity for emergency responses.

Globe has praised Gilat as a reliable associate in providing quality services to the Philippines telecommunication market. “Over the past years, Gilat has been a reliable partner of Globe, supporting us with uncompromised quality that helps us serve our customers better,” said Ernest Cu, President and CEO of Globe Telecom. “This backhaul technology will improve resiliency and increase the dependability of our services attuned to providing the nation with a first world network,” added Cu. Gilat has over 30 years’ experience in telecommunications and satellite connectivity solutions. It has worked with other countries such as Colombia, Chile, and Peru to build phone networks.