Growing At A CAGR Of 5.82%, The Global Immune Thrombocytopenia (ITP) Market Is Expected To Reach 2.27 Billion For The Duration Spanning 2019-2023

The global immune thrombocytopenia (ITP) market is expected to reach 2.27 billion in 2023, growing at a CAGR of 5.82%, for the duration spanning 2019-2023. The factors such as, rising healthcare expenditures, growing female population, rising prevalence of arthritis, increasing incidences of hepatitis C and new cases of diagnosed cancer would drive the growth of the market. However, market growth would be challenged by the lethargic drug approval process, side effects associated with available thrombocytopenia drugs and the availability of alternative treatment options. A few notable trends include, novel drug development for thrombocytopenia, increasing number of awareness programs against thrombocytopenia, and increasing preferences for biosimilars.

The global thrombocytopenia market would witness considerable growth in coming years, due to the rising prevalence of thrombocytopenia and associated risk factors. The most common type of thrombocytopenia is ITP, which is highly prevalent in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Whereas, CIT (Chemotherapy-Induced Thrombocytopenia) occurs in patients with cancer, due to the involvement of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Thrombocytopenia in patients with CLD is growing rapidly with an increase in incidences of HCV infections among them.

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The fastest growing regional market is the U.S., owing to the high prevalence of thrombocytopenia in patients with cancer as well as chronic liver diseases. Moreover, rising awareness about the symptoms and causes of thrombocytopenia among people, through various campaigns and the FDA approvals of various novel drugs for the treatment of thrombocytopenia would drive considerable growth in the global thrombocytopenia market.

Scope of the report:

  • The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the global thrombocytopenia (Immune and Chemotherapy-induced) market.
  • The major regional market (the U.S.) has been analyzed.
  • The market dynamics such as growth drivers, market trends and challenges are analyzed in-depth. 
  • The competitive landscape of the market, along with the company profiles of leading players (Novartis AG, Merck and Co., CSL Limited, Amgen Pharmaceuticals, Horizon Therapeutics and Rigel Pharmaceuticals) are also presented in detail.

Key Target Audience:

  • Thrombocytes Drugs Manufacturers
  • Chemical Suppliers
  • End Users (Hospital, Medical Centers, Clinical Institutes)
  • Healthcare Consulting Firms 
  • Investment Banks
  • Government Bodies & Regulating Authorities

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Table of Content

1. Overview
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Causes of Thrombocytopenia
1.3 Symptoms of Thrombocytopenia
1.4 Diagnosis of Thrombocytopenia
1.5 Treatment of Thrombocytopenia
1.6 Pathophysiology of Thrombocytopenia

2. Global Thrombocytopenia Market
2.1 Global ITP Market
2.1.1 Global ITP Market Forecast by Value
2.1.2 Global ITP Total Patient Volume Forecast 
2.1.3 Global ITP Total Patient Volume Forecast by Region 
2.1.4 Global ITP Treated Patient Volume Forecast
2.1.5 Global ITP Treated Patient Volume Forecast by Region
2.2 Global CIT Market
2.2.1 Global CIT Total Patient Volume Forecast 
2.2.2 Global CIT Total Patient Volume Forecast by Region 
2.2.3 Global CIT Treated Patient Volume Forecast
2.2.4 Global CIT Treated Patient Volume Forecast by Region

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4. Market Dynamics
4.1 Growth Drivers
4.1.1 Rising HealthCare Expenditure
4.1.2 Growing Female Population
4.1.3 Rising Prevalence of Arthritis
4.1.4 Increasing Incidences of Hepatitis C 
4.1.5 New Cases of Diagnosed Cancer
4.2 Key Trends & Development
4.2.1 Novel Drug Development for Thrombocytopenia
4.2.2 Increasing Number of Awareness Programs about Thrombocytopenia
4.2.3 Increase in Pharmaceutical R&D Expenditures 
4.2.4 Increasing Preference for Biosimilars
4.3 Challenges
4.3.1 Lethargic Drug Approval Process
4.3.2 Side Effects Associated With Available Thrombocytopenia Drugs 
4.3.3 Availability of Alternative Treatment Options


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