Guterres appeals to provide $ 28 billion from the G20 for the corona vaccine

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has asked the G20 member countries to provide all corona patients with $ 28 billion for treatment and the Covid-19 vaccine.

Guterres wrote a letter to the G20 member countries on Tuesday in which he said: “I use the Kovid-19 Tools Accelerator (ACT accelerator) for countries whose health systems and economies are weak, including in developing countries since the G20.” Kovax appeals to fill a $ 28 billion financial gap for the manufacture of vaccines and essential medical items. ”

He appealed to the G20 member countries to enable developing countries to effectively cope with the covid-19 crisis and prevent the depression of the global recession. At the same time, he has also pushed for opposition to nationalism in the vaccine.

It is noteworthy that the G20 member countries will meet online on November 21-22.