Harrison Street has procured a platform of solar energy assets equivalent to 101.9 megawatts

Harrison Street secured five commercial and industrial solar assets from an international developer of renewable energy called Ecoplexus. This energy deal will generate 101.9 megawatts of solar energy from the company’s Distributed Generation assets in California and the Community Solar Garden located in Minnesota. The assets will be supplying 142 million kilowatt-hours of solar energy to meet the demands of schools, universities, hospitals, municipalities, and California residents in a long-term contract. The chief of the utilities under Harrison Street, Carolyn Arida, explained that Ecoplexus is a world-renowned developer and renewable energy supplier and they are happy to work with their assets. This contract will provide sufficient solar energy to run about 12900 households and the public institutions like hospitals, schools, and government amenities.

Arida pointed out that Harrison Street partners with companies offering crucial services to the US citizens and are ready to work with Ecoplexus to reduce emissions in California that result from utilizing conventional energy sources like coal-fired power plants. Harrison Street hopes that these projects can steer California and Minnesota markets to take up renewable energy and abandon greenhouse gas emissions generators. The chief executive of Ecoplexus, John Gorman, expressed their joy in dealing with Harrison Streets for renewable energy. The executive termed Harrison Street a leading investor in renewable energy and the proponent of developing renewable energy infrastructure. The deal has proceeded smoothly, and the two stakeholders in the transition to clean energy are looking forward to more ventures that will establish this relationship.

Gorman explained that they are creating more assets that will enable them to trade or partner with government agencies and expand their operations. Ecoplexus is happy to serve the investment management firms like Harrison Street, which has proved its value in promoting renewable energy uptake. Harrison Street set aside $400 million in shares in investment programs like wind, solar, hydroelectric, and geothermal power. This cash will enable the firm to establish a strong foundation for renewable energy resources to accelerate the transition to clean energy. The inception of the Ecoplexus into the renewable energy plan has widened the energy base of Harrison Street to exceed 337 megawatts if the projects mature within two decades. Nevertheless, more energy companies are switching to clean energy, a move that will facilitate the exploration of numerous energy sources like hydrogen cells for electric vehicles and nuclear energy for space operations.