Hyten: United States Space Force, is ‘on stable ground’ despite facing rumors

What does a transition in government entail for the United States Space Force? ” I have a lot of concerns,” General John Hyten, vice-chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, stated January 22.” President Biden is not supposed to make abrupt improvements to United States national security systems. Still, while the Trump admin so vigorously promoted him, there is considerable concern regarding the Space Force. His address at the National Security Space Association online session on Friday, Hyten stated he had not yet talked about the Space Force with President Biden or even with the Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

“I do not really understand what is going to happen,” Hyten, a retired United States commander of the Strategic Command and the Air Force Space Command, who highly supported the formation of the Space Force. As vice chairman of Joint Chiefs, Hyten supports the defense minister and the president with strategic guidance. With the new civilian leadership, Pentagon priorities and policies change, however.

But Hyten acknowledged that for national security purposes that surpass administrations, the Space Force had been established. ‘I believe the Space Force is on strong ground,’ Hyten stated. He said the notion of a military space division had ardent proponents in Congress for years and the former administration “steered it across the end of the stage.” The public does not completely understand that the Space Force played such a significant role, he added. The service persists because the United States faces challenges that want to limit U.S. access and resources in space from competing forces, including Russia and China. “For everything we do, space is essential,” Hyten added.

The Space Force made great strides in planning and setting the groundwork for the potential during its first year, Hyten stated, and warned that the service should remain focused on the national security obligations and not be diverted. “They have done incredible work building a system for the first year, and it’s important to note it’s all about the danger,” Hyten stated.” What will happen to Space Force in the coming year? I can’t really say it,” he said. “As vice chairman, I give military guidance and will strive to do that.”

In the next four years, how the military utilizes commercial space technologies for the national security will continue to be a problem. A notable Biden administration space policy report by Aerospace Corporation noted that “growing space commercialization presents great possibilities for the acquisition of the national security.” A pattern to watch would be whether United States intelligence and defense departments are starting to seriously explore alternatives to the conventional model of recruiting vendors to build tailor-made capabilities.