Juan Pablo Cofino from Intelsat is Eutelsat Americas new CEO

The public is currently celebrating the start of a journey of another amazing man, Juan Pablo Cofino. It is no secret that we dream of moving forward as we grow older and use the opportunities we get to make life better for society. On March 11th, Eutelsat announced the new CEO recruitment claiming that Juan Pablo Cofino is the new CEO of Eutelsat Americas and the regional vice president. This choice came after strict recruitment and interviews giving each people a chance to view for the position. And lucky for Pablo, he became the top.

Choosing a CEO is significant for every company since it determines whether the company moves forward or vice-versa. He is the boss of all the other people in the firm; hence a wrong choice will lead to the company’s downfall. And this fact explains why Eutelsat was careful in the selection phase. Cofino is an outstanding man who has been in the business world for a while. His reputation is well-known in the region, and people claim that he is a professional, team leader and goal-oriented.

Juan Pablo Cofino is a former employee of Intelsat, the vice-president, LATAM & Caribbean. After serving for years, he has left the company and joined Eutelsat, targeting to help the company boost its rank in the Americas. Previously, the Eutelsat Americas CEO was Mike Antonovich, a reputable man who has taken the company to new heights. Mike leaves Eutelsat and is planning to grow his professional career somewhere else. Many people wish Mike good luck as he exits Eutelsat Americas and ventures his professional career in other places.

Pablo previously worked at an executive position in America’s leading companies, ATN International Tigo (Millicom Group). He has occupied a senior position in Agreca (Grupo Progreso), which means that the man has a lot of experience in the field, making him the best choice.

In a statement, Philippe Oliva, Eutelsat’s CCO (Chief Commercial Officer), expressed their excitement to have Juan join the team. Oliva talked of Pablo’s experience as a true asset to the company when dealing with the markets. The company is working on markets that include well-established media, new businesses, especially satellite technology, and mobility and data companies.

Eutelsat is a jack of many trades, and it is always ready to welcome new talents like Juan Pablo and work together for the benefit of the company and society. Juan Pablo is an outstanding professional that many look up to and hopes to see more of his talent in Eutelsat Americas.