Kamala Harris, India’s daughter, becomes Vice President of the United States and makes Indian food herself

In the US presidential election, Joe Biden defeated incumbent President Donald Trump. For the first time, America has a female vice president. Kamala Harris has won the vice presidential election. Kamla Harris will serve as Vice President because she is female, black, and South Asian. This will be the first time in American political history. Explain that Kamala Harris has a special relationship with Tamil Nadu, India. Let us know who Kamla Harris is.

Kamala Harris is from Tulasanthirapuram in Tamil Nadu. Recently a special puja was organized here for his victory. Harris’ maternal grandfather, PV Gopalan, lived in this village about 350 km from Chennai. PV Gopalan’s family now lives in Chennai.

Joe Biden proposed Kamala’s name for vice president in August. The US Senator from California was San Francisco’s first female district attorney and the first California woman to be elected attorney general. Kamala Harris is known as a spokesperson.

Kamala is the daughter of the Indian mother and the Jamaican father

Kamala Harris is the daughter of an Indian mother and a Jamaican father. She is the first Indian-American citizen to achieve the post of Vice President in the United States. Harris was born in Auckland in 1964 to the Indian mother Shyamala Gopalan Harris and the Jamaican father Donald Harris. Her father was a professor of economics at Stanford University and her mother was a breast cancer scientist. Kamala Harris’ mother raised Kamala single-handedly after her husband divorced her. She grew up with an Indian heritage and came to India with her mother. Harish, like his parents, is very educated. She graduated from Brown University in 1998. He then earned a law degree from the University of California and then joined the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, where he was responsible for the professional crime department.

So became fame

Harris’ trip from the Vice President of the United States was very interesting. He was first elected District Attorney for San Francisco County in 2003. She then became the attorney general of California. Harris was sworn in as a United States Senator from California in 2017. She was the second black woman to do this. He was also a member of the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, the Intelligence Services Selection Committee, the Justice Committee, and the Budget Committee. Gradually she became popular with the people. His speeches were particularly well received during the Black Lives Matter campaign. Harris often speaks of the need to end systematic racism. Harris announced his own candidacy for the 2020 presidential election on January 21, 2019. However, she retired from the race on December 3 and has been a vocal supporter of Biden ever since.

Indian food addict

When Kamala Harris started her presidential campaign, Indian-American comedian Mindy Kaling posted a video on her YouTube page. Kamala and Kalinga cook Indian food in it. In the video, the two also talk about their common South Indian background.

Kaling says that many people do not know anything about its Indian heritage. Whenever she meets Americans of Indian descent, they remind her of this legacy of Kamala. He said, “We think you are like us. We are excited about your campaign for the presidency.” Kaling asks Harris if she grew up eating South Indian food. On this question, Kamla seems to be naming one South Indian food after another. She says she grew up eating lots of rice and quark, juicy potato potatoes, lentils and idlis.