Melania could divorce Trump as soon as he leaves the White House, former colleagues said

Donald Trump was badly defeated in the US presidential election. Now there are reports in American media that Trump’s wife, Melania Trump, could divorce him very soon. According to the Daily Mail, Malania can leave Trump after the election. Melania is Trump’s third wife. According to the news, Melania is counting the minutes until the divorce. She was married in 2005 when Trump left the White House to end his fifteen year marriage. These claims were made by Stephanie Volkoff, a former colleague from Malania.

Trump’s former political advisor Omarosa Newman claimed that Trump and Melania’s fifteen-year marriage was now over. Melania is set to divorce Trump’s White House.

Omarosa claimed Melania is now looking for a way to get revenge on Trump. In the same report in the Daily Mail, Melania’s former colleague Stephanie claimed Melania had spoken about the agreements since marrying Trump. It calls for an equal stake in Trump’s property, along with that of Baron’s son.