Millions of people are homeless, but Indian industrialists are leaving Kings and Mughals in Chic Baat: Obama

Former US President Barack Obama addressed Indian industrialists in his new book and stated that they also left the kings and Mughals behind in Chic Baat while millions of people are homeless.

Obama interviewed Indian industrialists in his recent book, A Promised Land, referring to his meeting and informal conversation with former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

The book states that Singh said to him during an interview without colleagues: “In times of uncertainty, the president’s call for religious and ethnic solidarity can lead to being disoriented and exploited by politicians in India or elsewhere It is not heavy.

Obama wrote: “I shook my head and remembered the conversation I had with Václav Havel (former President of Czechoslovakia) during his visit to Prague and his warning of the increasing outbreak of inequality in Europe.” If globalization and the historical economic crisis reinforce these trends in relatively prosperous countries, and if I can see this also in the Tea Party (conservative financial movement) in America, how can India avoid this? ”

Obama wrote: “Millions of people across the country live in filth and ghettos, in famine-stricken villages or slums. At the same time, the masters of Indian industry live a life that kings and Mughals will envy.”

Aside from that, on the India-Pakistan questionnaire’s policy of influencing people, Obama wrote: “Expressing hostility towards Pakistan is the easiest way to unite the nation.” Many Indians are proud that the country developed a nuclear weapons program to counter Pakistan. They don’t care that any omission on either side can destroy the area.

In this book, Obama describes his journey from the 2008 campaign to the campaign to assassinate Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan at the end of his first term. This book consists of two parts. The first part was released worldwide on Tuesday.