Mumbai mastermind Hafiz Saeed sentenced to 10 years in prison, verdict of the Pakistani court

Hafiz Saeed, the mastermind of the Mumbai attack and head of Jamaat-ud-Dawa, was sentenced to 10 years in prison. The Pakistani Counterterrorism Court convicted Saeed on a terrorist financing case. Let us know that 166 people lost their lives in the terrorist attack in Mumbai and that attack shook the whole world including the country.

The court has ordered the confiscation of Saeed’s property and a fine of Rs 1.1 lakh. Two of Saeed’s associates, Zafar Iqbal and Yahya Mujahid, were sentenced to 10.5 years in prison, while Abdul Rahman Makki was also sentenced to 6 months in prison.

That year Hafiz Saeed was sentenced for the fourth time. Hafiz Saeed is currently serving a 5-year prison sentence in another terrorist funding case in Lahore. The United Nations has declared Hafiz Saeed a global terrorist and the United States has given him a $ 10 million reward. He was arrested on July 17 last year on terrorist financing cases. In February of this year he was sentenced to 11 years in prison by an anti-terrorist court on two terrorist financing cases. Saeed has reportedly faced 29 cases, including terrorist financing, money laundering and illegal land grabbing.