New lockdown in France amid rising coronavirus cases

The government is once again forced to put in place a new nationwide lockdown to control the rapidly growing cases of Coronavirus, a global pandemic in France.

French President Emmanuel Macron announced it on Wednesday evening. Speaking of the country, he said, “The new lock only gives permission to leave the house. Go to work, schedule a doctor’s appointment, provide support and go shopping at home.” Will be allowed to leave. “

The president said kindergarten, elementary and middle schools will be open this time compared to the previous lockdown. “Our children will be in contact with the school system and not deprived of education,” he said.

In the past 24 hours in France, 523 people have died from corona infection and 33,417 people have been infected. The number of people who died from the same corona virus rose to 35,541 and the number of those infected rose to 198,695.

According to the French data website, 18,978 patients with covid-19 are currently being treated in various hospitals, of which 2918 are in critical condition and placed on ventilators.