Energy Science

NIU offers a virtual Learning lab to assists in Renewable energy experiments

The popularity of renewable energy is growing with time. Why not when the world is working on creating a green planet by getting rid of fossil fuels and other energy sources that harm the environment. From experts to commoners, everyone in the world is working hard to promote the net zero-emission project. In the recent trend, Northern Illinois University is taking the project to a higher and better level. From a report by the University, the school is wrapping up its 4-year project by May. This project is desired as a source of inspiration to the next generation of experts to venture into renewable energy.

The project included the construction of a virtual learning lab that can help conduct virtual experiments in the field of renewable energy. With multiple ventures all over the world, energy is in high demand. This fact raises the need to produce adequate energy, not just any energy but one which will not cause harm to the planet. Recently, the planet is working on means to reduce its over-reliance on fossil fuels.

Experts claim that if the world doesn’t give up overusing fossil fuels and convert to renewable energy, the supply may deplete by 2060 after the planet started working on renewable energy; NIU set-up a four-year project to help. Professor Liping Guo, a Ph.D. holder in the Engineering Technology department, spoke of the trials they have taken upon the product to make sure that it is functional. He also stated that the University used it to teach students who specialize in Engineering technology and power electronics.

The founders of this project are Professor Guo and a now-retired professor of NIU, Andrew Otieno. For financial aid, the project was under the National Science Foundation that focuses on improving the undergraduate education program. With this project, students can enhance their skills when it comes to details regarding renewable energy.

The main focus in the project was the high school students, especially females. With that, the project can serve as a source of inspiration, especially to the minorities, to increase their renewable energy industry diversity. Currently, the University has ten educational experiments, including details on lessons, the objective of the experiments, and the procedures. They focus on the fundamentals of solar power, DC-DC converters, power electronics, and wind power.

One of the other individuals excited about the venture is the Ph.D. of NIU College of Engineering and Technology’s dean, Donald Peterson. He also spoke of the opportunities that the virtual learning lab will offer to young students who want to venture into STEM subjects. He also said congratulatory words to Dr. Guo and Dr. Otieno, who have worked hard to make this project come true.