Pfizer and BioNotech apply for registration of the covid-19 vaccine in the EU


The German biopharmaceutical company BioNotech and its US partner Pfizer have submitted a formal application to register the vaccine against covid-19 in the European Union (EU).

The two companies said in a press release released Tuesday that EU countries will be allowed to start vaccinating their populations before the end of this year if that application is accepted.

“Pfizer and BioNtech on Monday filed a formal application with the European Medical Agency (EMA) for conditional marketing authorization for the covid-19 mRNA vaccine,” the press release said.

Pfizer and Bayonet announced in November that their vaccines were 95 percent effective.

Pfizer and BioNotech announced that they have started filing additional filings around the world, including Australia, Canada and Japan, and plan to filing filings with other regulators around the world in the future.