Photos: When ‘Whale’ saved hundreds of lives, a major accident was averted

A video has gone viral on social media of a subway train being swallowed in front of the last pillar of the line. But instead of falling into the train box, a giant whale hangs from a fish statue and remains completely safe in the air.

In fact, the accident happened at a subway station in the Dutch city of Spigenkisse. The train suddenly lost control and if you walk to the end of the track and look at the pictures hanging in the air you can imagine how terrible the accident could have been. The whale’s tail played a major role in this dangerous accident. The whale’s tail stopped the train from moving forward.

According to media reports, the train’s chassis was badly damaged and the rear windows of the train were also damaged in the accident. The relief, however, is that no passenger was injured. It can be called some kind of miracle.

It can be noted that the metro was supposed to stop at the last stop in the Dutch city of Rotterdam, but the metro train departed instead of stopping. But the whale’s tail saved the train from falling.