Press, social media hiding serious allegations against Biden: Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump accused mainstream media and social media companies of hiding corruption allegations against his rival and Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Trump said the media didn’t want to write against Biden and his family. “There is one person who is caught and the media does not want to write about it,” said Trump on Wednesday in Arizona. You know, as it is said, not freedom of the press but oppression of the press.

Trump’s allusion was to allegations of corruption against Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden. The New York Post, in one of its messages, accused Hunter Biden of taking money from Russia, China and Ukraine. However, Joe Biden and his family have denied all of these allegations.

Trump has accused the mass media of failing to write about corruption allegations against the Biden family in several election campaigns. Trump said, “We don’t have freedom of the press … but the press is suppressed …” America will have a presidential election on November 3rd.