Proud: Girls of Indian origin on the cover of Time

Geetanjali Rao, a 15 year old girl of Indian origin, was named Child of the Year by the famous Time magazine. The magazine put a child on its cover for the first time. But 15-year-old Geetanjali managed this feat.

Geetanjali Rao is a scientist and innovator. In fact, Time Magazine asked for the Child of the Year nomination for the first time. Almost 5,000 nominees were selected, of which Gitanjali secured first place and got a spot on the front page of Time magazine. Recently, Gitanjali also won America’s Top Young Scientist Award.

With the help of technology, Gitanjali got this place on the front page of Time to solve many problems with the help of science and to help the children with new discoveries. With the help of Gitanjali, a solution was made from the polluted water for the habit of poisoning. A better solution has also been prepared in relation to cyber bullying.

Gitanjali Rao has developed a sensor that can easily detect the amount of lead in the water. Rao did not use any expensive equipment. The device looks like a cell phone and is called “Tethys” by Gitanjali. Scientists from America are also working on this prototype of Gitanjali.