Sarah Makbride will be America’s first member of the Transgender State Senate, winning Delaware

Democratic candidate Sarah Makbride won the seat of the Delaware Senate and will be the country’s first female transgender senator (member of the Senate) when she is sworn in.

Maqbride won this by defeating Republican candidate Steve Washington.

Maqbride said Tuesday evening, “I think tonight’s results show that residents of this district are open-minded and consider the candidates’ intentions, not their identities. I always knew that.

He said, “I hope that an LGBTQ child who is in Delaware or elsewhere in the country can see these results and understand that our democracy is for them too.”

Maqbride worked in the White House under former President Barack Obama and delivered a speech at the party’s National Congress in 2016. She was the first transgender woman to do this.

The Delaware seat became vacant following the resignation of longtime Senator Harris Muckdowell, whom Muckbride won.