Sharon will start the energy purchase group program

The Town of Sharon signed Constellation’s energy supply agreement to begin the Sharon Power Choice program in 2021 March. Sharon Power Choice, a form of community electricity purchase scheme, would allow Sharon residents as well as businesses more leverage over their electricity’s clean energy output and their electricity supply costs. The initiative would provide three new supply alternatives for power, renewable electricity, 34 months of price stabilization for electricity, and customer safety.

Electricity consumers in Sharon have 3 new options by Sharon Power Choice: Sharon Power Choice Standard is the default program for the scheme. Users in the new initiative would be automatically registered at $0.11586 for every kilowatt-hour in the Sharon Power Choice Standard unless they select another alternative. At this level, 38% of the supplied electricity would be generated by renewable energy, more than two times the state criteria. For $0.14275 for every kWh, consumers who wish to purchase all their energy from safe, sustainable sources can choose for Sharon Power Choice Green alternative.

18% of the customers who choose to purchase only the minimal amount of green energy needed by state law will opt for $0.1073 for every kWh for Sharon Power Choice Basic. Prices for the program are set from March 2021 until January 2024. The long period of the rates makes Sharon Power Choice distinct from the Basic Service of Eversource as well as the Basic Service of National Grid that can adjust rates every six months.

Compared to Eversource’s as well as National Grid’s Basic Service Service costs, Sharon Power Choice does provide the opportunity for moderate savings, and the Sharon Power Choice Basic and Sharon Power Choice Standard prices are cheaper than the existing winter Basic Service prices of Eversource as well as National Grid. However, since utility rates are changing and potential utility rates are not certain, the policy cannot ensure that savings can be achieved over the Constellation contract’s lifetime.

Users of Sharon Power Choice will make only two improvements on their energy bills: 1) Their providers, Eversource or National Grid, are going to use the cost of the Sharon Power Choice to measure the part of their bill’s delivery fee instead of the existing price of Basic Service. 2) As their energy provider, Constellation will be listed. In Sharon, National Grid and Eversource remain accountable for providing electricity and fixing power outages. Users of Sharon Power Choice are going to choose to receive as well as pay only one energy bill from the utility, and it will be the sole electricity bill that they get as Sharon Power Choice participants.