The ship overturns off the Libyan coast, 74 migrants are dead

A ship full of migrants capsized near the coast of Khoms in Libya, killing at least 74 migrants. The United Nations International Migrants Organization (IOM) announced the information on Thursday.

According to the Al-Jazeera report, the IOM reported that the ship was carrying about 120 people. The Libyan coast guard and fishermen saved around 47 people in the accident. A six month old child rescued in this accident died within a few hours. This is the eighth incident in the Mediterranean since October 1st.

There were already accidents with sinking ships before that. In Libya, three children were killed last week when a ship full of migrants sank on Friday. More than 100 people were killed there. Auxiliary workers saved 16 people. The bodies of the deceased children were found swimming on the Libyan coast.