The Turkmen ruler had a 50-foot-high gold dog statue installed, the reason is something special

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The practice of installing giant idols is seen not only in India but also abroad. But the appearance of a huge statue of his pet must have happened. But the ruler of Turkmenistan built a statue of his favorite dog 50 feet high.

In addition, this statue was placed in the new area of ​​Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan. Gurbanguly Berdmukhmedov, who has ruled the country since 2007, unveiled a giant statue of this Albi dog on Wednesday.

According to the government there, the statue is made of bronze and has a 24-carat gold layer. The height of the statue is 20 feet. This dog statue was placed in the new Ashgabat area where government officials have made arrangements to stay.

It is worth noting that this type of dog Gurbanguly Berdmukhmedonov is very popular with the people there. Dogs of this breed come from there and therefore also connect them with the national identity of Turkmenistan.

However, many factions also criticize the Turkmenistan’s government for opening the treasury to the dog, but forcing the country’s population to live in poverty. The country’s economy is growing because of oil and natural gas, but only the rich benefit.