The UN-India corona epidemic also did not prevent some countries from supporting cross-border terrorism

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Pointing to Pakistan, India said on Tuesday that even the coronavirus epidemic could not prevent some countries from supporting cross-border terrorism. At the same time, India stressed that the United Nations should speak “resolutely” about terrorism.

India’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, TS Tirumurthy, said: “India is against all forms of Jewish protest in the world, against all forms of religious discrimination.” We know that there are countries that are taking advantage of this epidemic to spread divisive hatred based on religion in other parts of the world. ”

Without naming a country, he said, “Even the covid-19 epidemic couldn’t stop him from supporting cross-border terrorism and killing religious hatred for killing innocent people.” We mentioned the high level program.

Thirumurthy said India is calling on these countries to stop spreading anti-Semitism and hatred and divide the world on the basis of religion.

He said: “We ask them to look inward to promote harmony in our societies, prevent local violence and ensure the safety of minorities. We believe the United Nations should speak decisively and decisively. It is important to not advocating a number of religions, ”she said.

He said India is a country that is home to all of the world’s major religions and a nation that has spawned many religions – the most famous of them being Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism.

In the United Nations, India described the Yiddish community as an integral part of India. TS Tirumurthy said that India has no trace of anti-Jewish behavior and that the Yiddish community in India has been thriving for more than 2,000 years. He said that the Jewish community was an integral part of the pluralistic fabric of India and made this country as successful as any other community.

The Indian diplomat said: “In this river called Indian civilization, every belief and denomination is accepted within the framework of our democratic structure, our pluralism, our harmony and our mutual acceptance.”

He said there are many well-known Jewish Indians who have excelled in all walks of life, including General JFR Jacob, a national hero in India who led the 1971 Liberation War in Bangladesh. He led the Indian Army’s Eastern Command during the Victory.