These countries will severely punish the perpetrators of the rape, they will impotent the rapists with chemicals

Crime against women remains a global challenge. Rape cases continue to happen every day. A press release in the Pakistani media on Tuesday alleged that Prime Minister Imran Khan had approved in principle a law providing for the impersonation of rape convicts and speedy trial in cases of sexual harassment.

The decision was made at a meeting of the federal cabinet where the Justice Department presented the draft anti-rape ordinance, Geo TV reported. However, no official announcement was made.

According to the news, the draft included empowering women in policing, speeding up justice in rape cases, and protecting witnesses. According to the news, Prime Minister Khan said this is serious business and any delay on this matter will not be tolerated.

“We have to create a safe environment for our citizens,” he said. The Prime Minister said rape victims can register complaints without fear and the government will hide their identities. Some federal ministers also reportedly recommended hanging the rapists in public. Faisal Javed Khan, MP for ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, wrote on Twitter that the law will soon be introduced in parliament.