Three killed in knife attack in the city of Nice, France, woman strangled

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A similar murder case has now come to light after the teacher was strangled to death in the controversy surrounding the prophet cartoon. Now an attacker in a church in France has cut a woman’s throat and brutally killed two other people. The incident occurred in the city of Nice, France. The city’s mayor has called the incident terrorism.

According to the news agency, Mayor Christian Istorsi said the knife attack took place in the city’s Notre Dame church. The police arrested the attacker. Police said 3 people were confirmed dead. Many others were injured. A police source said the woman’s throat was cut. A French guide has also confirmed that the woman’s throat had been cut.

At the same time, the French anti-terrorism ministry said it had been tasked with investigating this attack. Journalists present at the scene say that armed soldiers surrounded the church. Ambulances and fire engines are available on site. The attack came at a time when the French teacher was murdered while showing a cartoon of the Prophet.