Touched by Corona’s ‘new variety’ in the UK, including the emergency meeting of the Ministry of Health in India

A modified form of the corona virus has emerged in the UK. The infection spreads quickly. The Indian Ministry of Health convened an emergency meeting of its Joint Monitoring Group (JMG) on Monday to discuss the new virus strain. In the UK, EU countries have suspended traffic as they close their borders due to the risk of coronavirus strains. On Saturday, the UK government imposed a lockdown in many parts of the country, including London, as a new strain of the coronavirus spread across the country. The new strain of the virus causes the covid-19 epidemic and can be 70 percent more contagious.

Italy, grappling with the covid epidemic, has suspended arrivals from all UK airports and banned the entry of people traveling in the UK for the past two weeks, following Stan’s announcement.

Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza said: “I have signed an ordinance for the past 14 days banning entry to anyone traveling to the UK.” He said those who have already come to Italy from the UK will have to undergo a covid test. “

He said the new restrictions will stay in place through January 6th.
Estonia’s Prime Minister Yuri Ratas announced that air traffic from the UK would be suspended by the end of this year.
A press release posted on the government website said: “The government has temporarily suspended air traffic to the UK and other countries and has given due diligence.” This decision was made to protect the health of our people. It was recommended to avoid traveling abroad. “

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) has suspended air traffic from the UK for two weeks from Monday after recommending that passenger traffic between Finland and the UK be suspended on Sunday.
Cyprus said those coming from the UK as part of the new quarantine measures and found negative on the corona test would have to remain in isolation for 10-14 days.

Spain has stepped up passenger surveillance at airports and ports. All visitors to Spain must submit a negative corona report 72 hours before.
The media quoted Swedish Home Secretary Mika Dammberg as saying that an official ban on arriving in the UK is expected to be announced on Monday.

Lithuania has decided to stop all passenger flights from the UK.
Irish media reported that Ireland had closed its sea, air and road borders to Britain for 48 hours.

Bulgaria has suspended air traffic with the UK from Monday to midnight through January 31, as reported by Bulgarian national television.
The Netherlands banned flights from the UK on Sunday until January 1st. Israel has banned all traffic with Great Britain, Denmark and South Africa indefinitely.

El Salvador has banned people from the UK and South Africa from entering the country with immediate effect for the past 30 days. Germany has also banned those visiting the UK and South Africa in the country for the past 30 days from midnight on Monday.
France closed all borders with Great Britain for 48 hours.