Toyota unveils the C+pod EV battery in Japan

Toyota revealed that they would be supplying the C+pod battery electric vehicle (BEV) on a pilot program to the mega-companies, local authorities, and other entities fascinated by the electric cars. Toyota intends to accelerate the uptake and transition to battery electric vehicles with a new program in action, informing the development of new BEV models. Moreover, the company is planning to supply its models to individual consumers by next year. The rollout of the C+pod is to illustrate the services that the battery electric vehicles are offering. The model is a two-passenger car intended for minimizing the energy consumption per person. Apart from running errands, the car can also operate in urban areas where users must move quickly without restrictions. Additionally, the vehicle is eco-friendly, minimizing the carbon emissions which were emerging from its predecessors.

Toyota plans to further popularize battery electric vehicles by widening its product line and creating partnerships to generate new models of these cars and their components. The company is preparing to commercialize the Toyota i-Road, C+pod, and Walking Area BEVs with the corporate entities and local authorities’ growing interest in these models. Additionally, the partnerships will also the services affiliated with battery electric vehicles like Toyota Green Charge in which the company is venturing with Chubu Electric Power Miraiz Co., Inc. This partnership will help entities in need of the installation of charging points and other energy-efficient programs. Other partners that will facilitate this project’s implementation are TEPCO Energy Partner, Inc., and Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.

Toyota will also offer the Toyota Share services to tourists who wish to go for field trips and sightseeing missions. The C+pod manoeuvres through corners on small roads, have less steering effort when parking the car, and ensure that the vehicle owner can cover the daily prospects without a problem. The model has a 9kWh lithium-ion battery and a 2.6 kW motor in the car’s rear to run the vehicle with precision. The design of the car allows it to manoeuvre through road chippings while offering comfort and driving stability. The model can cover 150 kilometres before a recharge.

C+pod has an external power supply system of 1500 W, which can sustain the electric vehicle when there are blackouts and natural calamities. This system fits with the standard charging inlet at the front and can supply power for close to half a day. Moreover, the model has safety features like shock absorbers to absorb the intensities created by the energy flowing to various components and minimize their heating up.