Trump will hold large census rallies in large states and provide information on alleged votes of the dead

Outgoing US President Donald Trump is planning rallies in several major states to recount the votes and question the results of the presidential election. Trump’s intention is to announce the formation of special teams to recount the votes in Georgia, Arizona and Pennsylvania. During the rallies, the team will announce those who supposedly voted but are actually dead.

The American news portal Axis quoted the president’s advisors as saying that Trump was preparing to hold rallies after Joe Biden’s planned victory in the presidential election. It is noteworthy that American media also reported the cases of dead people in the presidential election.

Let us know that the official 2020 US presidential election results have not yet been announced, but leaders and politicians from around the world have already congratulated Biden on the victory. Speaking to the nation with partner Kamala Harris on Saturday, Biden claimed his victory in the presidential race. All of the major American media outlets have already declared Biden to be the winner, despite Trump arguing that the race is not over and the election was a hoax. He will soon move the court to demand his victory.