US election: Biden is very close to the presidency, ahead of Trump in Pennsylvania

The election results of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Arizona in the USA are being watched by the whole world. Meanwhile, Democratic candidate Joe Biden has taken a strong lead in Pennsylvania as well. Biden is near a majority of 270. Biden now has about 6,000 votes. At the same time, the Republican candidate Donald Trump must win all four states.

The first trump card in Pennsylvania led Biden by more than 5 million, which later fell to 18,000. Now Biden has done it. Biden currently has a lead of 1,097 votes in Georgia. There are still 15,000 votes to count. Post ballets from Atlanta and Savannah are still left.

Biden previously stated that the US election count is taking longer than usual: “Democracy is sometimes a mess and requires little patience.”

At the same time, US courts dismissed Trump’s lawsuits in Michigan and Georgia for alleged electoral misconduct. Trump has accused the Democratic Party of fraud.