US Election: Order to put aside late Pennsylvania ballot papers

The US Supreme Court issued an order asking all counties in the province of Pennsylvania to put aside ballots received after November 3. These votes are counted separately.

Samuel Ellito, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, wrote in the ordinance on Friday: “All counties in the province of Pennsylvania will be instructed to separate ballot boxes that arrive after eight on the night of November 3rd in a secure, sealed container . ” Is carried out separately. “

In Pennsylvania, the Republican Party has legally challenged late votes, but the court has not yet accepted them. The court only stated that the ballot papers dated November 3rd, which are received late, will be kept separately.

Pennsylvania continues to count, with President Donald Trump initially seeing an advantage but Democratic candidate Joe Biden passing when the postal vote was counted.

Republican candidate Trump has so far received 214 votes, while his opponent, Democrat Joe Biden, has received 264 votes. Fox News reported that Mr. Biden won 264 votes after a tough battle in the provinces of Michigan and Wisconsin. It now only takes six votes to hit the magic number of 270 and become America’s next president.

In the United States, people don’t vote for the president directly, they vote for members of the electoral college. The members of the electoral college later elect the president. There are a total of 538 votes in the electoral college and 270 electoral votes are required to win a candidate. The province of California has the highest 55 electoral votes.