US election: Trump shocked, Michigan-Georgia case dismissed, Biden close to victory

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US courts have dismissed Trump’s lawsuits in Michigan and Georgia for alleged electoral misconduct. With that, Democratic candidate Joe Biden almost won. Joe Biden said he has no doubt. He would defeat President Donald Trump and be declared the winner of the US election. He said voters would be patient and the result would be announced “very soon”. However, Trump has accused the Democratic Party of fraud.

In Michigan, the campaign aimed to stop the counting of postal ballot papers, while in Georgia it was alleged that improper ballot papers were also counted. Judge Cynthia Stephens of Michigan Court of Claim dismissed the lawsuit on Thursday. A formal order will be issued on Friday.

Several news outlets have named Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden the winner in Michigan.

In Georgia, Judge James F. Bass dismissed the lawsuit. “I refused the application and refused the petition.” The Trump campaign has also filed lawsuits in Pennsylvania and Nevada. It called for double the vote in Wisconsin.

Trump had previously accused the Democratic Party of forgery. Speaking at the press conference, Trump said: “Democrats want to steal the election result. Our goal is to save the fairness of the elections. We will not let them be compromised as it appears in this election. Democrats knew there weren’t any honest vote was Could win. That’s why they faked the postal vote. “

Significantly, the vote took place two days ago, and Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden got nearly the 270 electoral votes required to reach the White House. He made it difficult for President Donald Trump to win in Wisconsin and Michigan. According to the latest U.S. media estimates, former U.S. Vice President Biden has received 253 votes, and Trump has received 213 votes so far.