US presidential election: Biden close to victory, Trump ready for litigation

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In the US elections, Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden scored 270 while Republican Party rival Donald Trump made his decision to open a lawsuit.

Various media organizations estimate that Biden only needs six to 17 seats on the electoral college to win. While Trump has just won 214 “Electoral College seats”.

Trump announced his victories in the ‘Battleground’ state of Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina and Georgia on Wednesday evening.

“Battlefields” are states where the trend is not clear.

The US President tweeted in a series of tweets: “We have claimed in Pennsylvania, Georgia and North Carolina where the trumps were leading … We also claim Michigan, where a large number of I have been secretly informed of the ballot papers.

In another tweet, he said, “Our lawyers have asked permission for” meaningful access, “but what’s the point? The integrity of our system and the presidential election have been damaged. This should be discussed.”

On the other hand, Biden was confident of winning the election.

He tweeted, “Believe in the process and in each other. We will win together.

The Trump campaign team has filed lawsuits in Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania and is trying to recount the votes in Wisconsin. The mainstream media has described Biden as a winner in Michigan and Wisconsin. At the same time, Trump is moving forward in Pennsylvania.

To win the trump card, it’s important to win in the battlefield states of Georgia, North Carolina and Nevada, where Biden is leading by a narrow margin. The Trump campaign is also expected to win in Arizona, while several media organizations have named Biden the winner there.