US presidential election: Trump accused Joe Biden of fraud, said – will ask SC to stop counting votes

US President Donald Trump accused Joe Biden of campaigning fraud at 2 p.m. local time on Wednesday and said he would appeal to the US Supreme Court. In his address to the White House, Trump said: “We want all votes to stop.”

Donald Trump said, “We’d win this election. Honestly, we won … Our goal is to ensure integrity for the good of the country. We want the law to be properly applied. So we’re going to the US Supreme Court . “Trump also said that Biden cheated on the American public in the campaign. Trump won Florida and its 29 votes by a large margin from its 2016 victory.

The President had 51.28 percent of the state’s vote while Joe Biden had 47.82 percent, with Fox 13 counting 98 percent of the vote. There is a margin of 381,672 votes.

So far, there are 213 votes in Donald Trump’s report, while Joe Biden has surpassed Trump. Biden has 238 votes in his account. 270 votes are required to win. Trump has said he will go to the Supreme Court against the results. Millions of people in the US have already voted by mail or ballot. So far, 93 million people, i.e. 930 million people, have voted, which is two thirds of the total of 138.8 million in 2016. This year around 239 million people are eligible to vote.

Recently Trump had tweeted a short video during the election campaign, in which he danced: “Vote, vote, vote”. Biden, 77, also appealed to the public to vote: “It’s election day.” Go choose America. “He tweeted.” In 2008 and 2012 you trusted me to help Barack Obama lead this country. Today I ask you again to express your faith. Trust me and Kamala (Harris). We promise not to let you down. ”

Democratic Vice-Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris said to voters, “Thank you when you voted, but we still need your help … Take 20 minutes and help voters find polling stations.”