WHO chief praised India in the war on Corona and thanked PM Modi for the vaccination efforts

The risk of corona viruses is still increasing worldwide. Many countries in the world are trying to get out of this epidemic. In between, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and World Health Organization Director General TA Gebreyes discussed the ongoing partnership to fight the covid-19 pandemic on Wednesday. For the first time, WHO agreed to include modern medicine along with traditional medicines in the treatment of the corona.

According to the statement released by the Prime Minister’s Office, Prime Minister Modi spoke by phone to the head of the World Health Organization and praised the organization’s important role in coordinating the global partnership to fight the epidemic. During the conversation, Modi also emphasized that the fight against other diseases should not be distracted.

He also praised the importance of the organization’s support for the health system in developing countries. The prime minister’s office said the WHO chief stressed a close and regular partnership between the organization and the Indian health authority and praised national initiatives such as the campaign against Ayushman Bharat and tuberculosis (TB). He said India has an important role to play in terms of global health.

The statement said that there had been a positive discussion between the Prime Minister and the WHO chief on the traditional medical system, particularly in the context of improving the health of people around the world and strengthening their immunity.

During the talks, the Prime Minister informed the head of the organization that Ayurveda Day would be celebrated in the country on November 13th under the motto “Ayurveda for Kovid-19”. Later, the head of the World Health Organization thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for various things and efforts.